Painting my Escort (Part 2) – Body Work

So yesterday, Monday, the 24th of May, me and my dad began the body work on the Escort. The process went a little something like this:

  1. Grind the paint off around areas that bubble and are cracked.
  2. Sandblast the areas that have rust on them, then around the areas to be patched.
  3. Put fiberglass body filler around all the areas and in the holes.
  4. Grind down a bit.
  5. Use Bondo over top of the fiberglass to give it a smooth finish.


Yesterday, my dad let me do a lot of the work to get used to the tools and process, so naturally, being my first time operating any of these power tools, I didn’t do a godly job. However, I certainly didn’t do too bad!

Back Right Fender 3
This is as finished as we got the back right fender yesterday.

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