How long is 4 years?

Too long to not post anything.

In as few words as possible, let us agree that people accomplish a lot in one year. Simply think back to what you did in 2021, then 2020, then 2019, then 2018… Realize that you have completed dozens of projects, started many dozens more, interacted with countless other people, learned countless new things, and aside from disorganized photos you’ve saved somewhere, a lot of this exists only in your memory.

The purpose of this blog has always been to document my projects so that, when memory fails, I can remember what on Earth I’ve done over the years.

Here is a summary of the last 4.



  • The Big Move – driving a 26′ U-Haul 2,700 km
  • Red Eye – compliance testing all over the US


  • Impreza Rebuild – engine rebuild, floor and strut tower fabrication, suspension and brake system overhaul
  • New Digs – helping a small business deploy low-maintenance IT infrastructure
  • Ni Hao – 2 weeks of FAT in the People’s Republic
  • New Life – restoring a side-of-the-road lawnmower (and lessons for you about powertool care)
  • From 4 to 2 Wheels – motorcycle license and courses
  • BGA Reflow – repairing an LG 55″ TV (twice) with a heatgun


  • EJ25 on 2 cylinders – the story of an engine that would not die
  • Coming in Clutch – replacing the clutch plates on a KLR 650
  • Doohickey – replacing the crankshaft balancer tensioner on a KLR 650
  • AutoLED V1 – automotive underglow controller
  • Lifted Impreza – lifting a 2004 Subaru Impreza with Forester struts
  • Discrete 3D Printer – replacing a burnt out proprietary controller with a breadboard


  • Broken-In – “quick” fixes to get a 2001 Civic with 64k back on the road
  • Virtual Infrastructure – dedicated home VM servers using ESXi and XCP-ng
  • Vintage Repairs – restoring obsolete audio gear
  • Briefcase PC – finally building a portable desktop workstation
  • DIY smartwatch – does everything except tell the time


  • H’Audi – the beginning of a dream project…

While many of these articles may never be written, hopefully this can serve as a prompt to document a few!

Until next time.

Friday, January 7th, 2022 car, computers, electronics, life

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