Adding Magnet Feature to a Bally Centaur

Hold SpotBally’s Centaur pinball machine came from the factory with an electromagnet, installed in the top-right corner of the playfield. It would hold the ball in place after it hit the “release” target, which initiates the multi-ball mode.

Unfortunately, as time passed and these electromagnets burnt out, it became more difficult and expensive to find a replacement magnet. Most games no longer have the magnet installed, as it was likely removed to be sold.

On our machine, we had no idea if the magnet was still there, and one day decided to look under the playfield to see if there was one. It turns out there was, but it didn’t work.

Magnet Close

After verifying the electrical side was fine, we took out the magnet to find that a screw had gone through the playfield, and through the coil!

Screw Through Playfield       Original

The price of a replacement electromagnet is upwards of $100! Thus, we decided we would remove the old coil wire and wrap our own. After all, how hard could it be?

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Saturday, January 26th, 2013 electronics, pinball, projects 4 Comments

Gorgar: Photos

All photos about Gorgar. If there is anyone out there who is into pinball machines, who has any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Yes, the next two are photos from another post, but there are new ones after the break!

Gorgar Sideview

Gorgar Playfield

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 electronics, pinball, projects No Comments

Gorgar: Speaks.

The opening lines of this pinball machine. And now, my father, running out of room to store new (old) pinball machines, has let me take this one home to work on as my own project. Thanks, Dad!

Gorgar Sideview

As promised, here is a picture of the actual machine, and not some picture from the Intertubes. Again, it’s missing the backglass, but it is still awesome. The play field is interesting, it’s not empty, and it’s in good shape, too!

Gorgar Playfield

Scary. One of the feature I find the most interesting about it is the electro-magnet at the top left. The “snake pit”. The ball gets caught for a bit, then gets let go of and rolls down. I’m really hoping that I can fix this machine up, maybe it is something as simple as dirty contacts (after all, it is over 25 years old, and antique, if you will). Here is a video of me playing it. Not a great angle at the beginning, but you can hear the sounds of the game. One of the first electronic pinball machines, with electronic sounds. Before, all the machines used bells!

Note: Sorry for the, ahem, shitty video. Using Windows 7, I no longer have the well designed, fully functional, and advanced Windows Movie Maker found in Windows XP, as such, I have no control over export options, and the transitions and titles are all different (and quite frankly, nowhere near as good).

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Sunday, December 6th, 2009 electronics, pinball, projects 4 Comments