Final Project – Menu System!

Over the winter break I didn’t do any work on my third year project, though I told myself I should. So, when the semester began, I was at the same stage as before the break:

  • Real-Time Clock functional
  • Relay triggering functional
  • Changeable target temperature with buttons
  • Status display on LCD

A menu system is completely necessary for a thermostat of this complexity; options to change backlight colour, configure the time, modify schedule, and others, can only be practically configured through a menu.

This was the result of an hour or two of work:

Look past the break to also see a video demo of the menu interface!

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LED Underglow – Finally Installed!

Today my dad helped me install the LED strips for the red underlighting on my car, using this super adhesive “matter concrete”, that allows the creation of an inseparable bond between galaxies. However, it takes 24 hours to set completely, by which times he galaxies may have drifted apart. Use tape to hold them together.

Joking aside, I did all the wiring as well today, and here are the results, in the dark.

Excellent. Perfect.

Open Door
Here is both the interior and exterior.

Now, unfortunately I’ve got a little problem where the actual lights are partially visible, due to the mounting locations (the lip of my bumpers, front and back, and the rockers on the sides). My mom’s boyfriend gave me an idea, however, to use foam weather stripping and place a strip just outside of the light strip, in order to block the bulbs from being visible, but by still allowing the glow to appear below. Clever!

Interior LED
Prior to all this, I also converted the interior dome light to LED. Hehe.

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Painting the Escort (Part 7) – Done!

More or less. Basically, this project was undertaken so that I would learn how to paint a car. I learnt, among other things, that there is a lot of time needed for a project like this, lots of preparation, and there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Come and see my car in person, and you will probably notice a few issues: drips here, peeling there, un-even coat, see the primer through the paint, etc..

But, the truth is, that doesn’t really bother me! I’m proud of all the work I’ve put in. It has taken me a week and a half, and about $280 in materials, and for that price, I’m happy. And the car looks happy, too.


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