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All photos about Gorgar. If there is anyone out there who is into pinball machines, who has any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Yes, the next two are photos from another post, but there are new ones after the break!

Gorgar Sideview

Gorgar Playfield

Gorgar Bumpers

Gorgar Motherboards

Giant Capacitor

Another Huge Cap

High Voltage 😀

Programming Switches

These are some of the programming instructions. The book has much more detailed settings and procedures. Lucky for us we have the book!

Snake Pit

The snake pit uses an electromagnet to trap the pinball for a couple of seconds. The ball has to hit the switch inside the snake pit to engage the EM. It’s pretty neat!

Battery Pack

A common problem with the electronic pinball machines is that the battery packs, for storing game settings, tend to be left inside machines that are bring stored, unused. After all those years, the batteries eventually leak and corrode the contacts, and sometimes damage the board. On our machine, the contacts were quite corroded. I cleaned them by scrubbing them with steel wool, some contact cleaner, and I had to reconstruct two of the pads.

It turns out that we’re supposed to us Ni-Cad batteries, because the machine charges them. Since we’re using non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, not a good thing. It’s ok for leaving it unplugged, and short usage, but I’m going to get some Ni-Cads soon to make sure we don’t get any additional leaking.

Edit: Turns out this only applies to some machines. On this particular machine, and all Williams System 6 boards, diode D17 blocks power from returning to the batteries. If this diode is shorted, then the batteries will be recharged when the machine is turned on, which is bad for alkaline batteries. The game RAM requires 3.9v to 4.3v in order to retain data, (D17 lowers voltage coming from the battery by ~0.5v, thus batteries must be between 4.4v and 4.8v). Rechargeable batteries would only supply 3.6v, thus they are not suitable for this board.

Gorgar Closer Side ViewGorgar

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