Aluminum Box, Class

Here is a comparison of Matt’s and my aluminum enclosures for our FM Transmitters. Mines slightly bigger, and the top was a bit oversized, but I wasn’t really planning on using it anyway, I prefer to see my electronics.

FM Transmitter Box

Mine is on the right. Still not bad for first try! We will be starting to build an AM/FM radio in Electronics Concepts soon, and some of the guys already got their kits. Here is the circuit board:


Its a bit big and not that practical to carry around, but its still pretty cool! Tons of components for this one. The parts are divided between the two radio sections. Perhaps as many, if not more than, the phone. Which reminds me, I should make a post showing off the phone soon. It’s pretty neat, it has a transparent case, and there are neon lights that blink when it rings!

Here we are, hard at work:

Classroom from my desk

This is my seat. Notice the website I’ve got open. Also notice that YouTube is blocked…

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Thursday, November 5th, 2009 electronics, projects

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