Painting the Escort (Part 6) – Painting! (the Escort) [Part 1]

What a ridiculous title! What it means is simple: this is the first post dealing with the actual painting. Why don’t I simply wait till I’m done painting and make a single post? Because, it is the process, not the product, that matters. Deep.

Rear Lights 2 - Brake Light Brake Light

Now, this morning I did my first coat. Then, tonight, I did my second coat (see the image EXIF data for the times: I work late). The plan is that I will pick up more paint tomorrow morning, then do a third coat. I will see how it turns out, and chances are I will let it dry till the next morning, when I will do a light wet sanding to remove the dust and bugs that may get stuck it in, smooth off the paint, then I will do the final coat (or two…)

More photos after the break!!! (And, of course, the photo of me that I promised). › Continue reading

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