Upgrades to BIGBLUE (server)

Sorry to anyone who’s been trying to access the server the last 24 hours, I’ve had to take it down a couple times. I’ve just installed two new 1TB hard drives (RAID 1), and split the previous 750GB RAID 1 into two separate drives, giving me a total usable capacity of… 2.5TB! Seems like lots of storage now… but in a year I am quite certain it will be almost full, yet again.

I ordered the 750GB (x2) drives last November, and in a year I managed to almost fill them.

Of course, here is a lovely photo of the server, filled to the brim with hard drives! Beautiful, and awful at the same time.

6 drives, and not enough plastic rails to slide them securely in place (the bottom drive is just sitting there upside down). I’m out of SATA ports, but there’s still connections for IDE RAID!

I got around to vacuuming out the fan filters, but didn’t bother doing a thorough job.

This was my data transfer setup during the last leg of my file operations. The 320GB had to go to make room for the new drives, so I’m using a USB-SATA/IDE adapter to transfer the last of my files.

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Thursday, November 4th, 2010 computers

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