DIY Multimeter: Complete!

As mentioned in a previous posting, for Christmas, I received an Assemble-it-yourself Digital Multimeter Kit. Awesome. So, for the last week or two I’ve been building it, section at a time, till tonight, where I found myself in need of doing a calming activity. What is more calming then sitting down and soldering for 2 hours, while listening to Paramore’s discography using my DIY FM Transmitter to broadcast to my DIY AM/FM Radio?

Anyway… This is what it looks like, finished:

DMM: Mr Blurrycam

Sorry about the Mr. Blurrycam shot. Darn flash. I’ll have a clearer shot after the break, along with more details on the functions.

DMM: Focused

There, a much better, focused, balance photo. As you will notice, the selector knobs gives me many options. Here are some of the features of the multimeter:

  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement
  • AC/DC Current Measurement (up to 20A!!!)
  • Continuity/diode tester (with buzzer, thank god…)
  • Ohmmeter
  • Capacitance-meter (okay, not the right name…)
  • NPN/PNP Transistor tester

Tons of features. The great thing about this multimeter is its performance is dependent to a certain degree on your soldering and assembly abilities. The assembly guide had tests at the end of the most sections, which I completed and passed each one (I lied, I didn’t complete the transistor testing and the capacitance measurement, as none of my other multimeters could measure these, and I didn’t have a transistor or capacitor lying around (within close proximity)). There is virtually no variance between this meter and my Mastercraft “control” meter.

Wall voltage measured:

  • Mastercraft: 120.4VAC
  • Dan Joannis ©: 120.1VAC


I know I throw safety to the wind, as my first AC voltage test was with wall voltage, as I don’t have a variable AC PSU.

DMM: It works!

Here is proof that it turns on!

DMM: Rear, holster

And here is the rear, with the lead-clips, allowing me to conveniently store them on the sides.

Pretty sweet kit, and I’m glad I didn’t mess it up. Add another line up to first-try functioning projects. Thanks for the kit, Mom!

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Friday, January 8th, 2010 electronics, projects

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  • Josh says:

    very informative. can i link this to my site?

    • Dan says:

      Sure, if you truly feel that three photos of a kit multimeter (and the awful rhetoric of a younger me) would be relevant, go ahead!

      To be fair, though, this kit multimeter continues to serve me well as my primary multimeter, over three years later.

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