Denon AVR-1801 – Blinking Red Light Repair

IMG_20150820_103928The other day, my Denon AVR-1801 home theater receiver stopped working. It would power on, reach the point where it normally enabled the speaker outputs, but then it would shut off. The status LED would rapidly blink on and off.

The user manual suggested that the device was overheating, or that the speaker terminals were being shorted. The device was not hot, as it was just turned on. I unplugged all input and output cables, but that didn’t fix it either. Time to dig deeper.


The Problem

A quick Google search revealed the following gem. There are four “surge” resistors in line with the ±15 VDC regulators: R141, 142, 148, 149. These 1 Ohm resistors weaken over time with every power-on surge, and the resistors from the factory were not strong enough. Armed with this knowledge, I opened my receiver to test these resistors.

IMG_20150820_103951          IMG_20150820_104211








Without removing the board, you should be able to use a multimeter to measure the resistance of these resistors. According to the Internet, anything above 10 Ohms is considered bad. In my case, two resistors were completely open – infinity Ohms. Two others tested at around 2.8 Ohms.

IMG_20150820_103938To achieve a good quality repair, the board needs to be removed. My approach was to remove the back panel and take out only the affected board. In hindsight, I really should have simply removed both boards together, with the rear panel attached, from the chassis.

Once this board is removed, simply desolder the failed resistors and replace them with 1 Ohm, 1/2 Watt Metal-Film Flameproof resistors. From DigiKey these are $0.22 CAD each. At that price, I replaced all four at the same time.



There is the possibility that the failure of these resistors coincides with the failure of the next components in the circuit: the 7815 and 7915 regulators. To test these, with the multimeter in the diode test mode, check that none of the regulator pins are shorted together, as is the most common failure mode. This was not the case for me, though I ordered one of each regulator just in case.


The 7815 and 7915 regulators share the larger heatsink, while the 7805 is attached to the smaller single heatsink. If you’re lucky, these won’t need replacing, and simply changing the faulty resistors will bring your Denon receiver back to life!

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Thursday, August 27th, 2015 electronics

11 Comments to Denon AVR-1801 – Blinking Red Light Repair

  • lucas says:

    Nice work!
    I also have a 1801 with which im very happy.
    But its also getting a bit of aging.
    I am planning to replace those resistors out of precaution.
    However im also thinking about recapping it.
    Do you know which values it needs? As you already had it open.
    Worth recapping with some nichicon kg’s?

  • piko says:

    Great job!!

    I had the same problem, resistors were dead. Many thanks for your help in rapid resuscitation …


  • charles says:

    I have a avr-=2105 and those resistors are .22 ohm for me. I looked up on line could not find schematic for 1801, but did for 1802 and 1803 I believe, those are also .22ohm. are you substituting a 1 ohm for those?

  • Rolando says:

    my AVR 1550 Denon is shutting down when i played it in high volume,,what could be the posible cause and remedy,,thanks

    • Dan says:

      Does it shut down immediately when you turn the volume up, or only after a few minutes (like watching a movie)?

      If it happens immediately, there could a problem with the power supply section, causing the overload protection to trip.

      If it happens after some times, I would suspect overheating. Make sure there is no dust inside, and that there is enough air circulating.

  • George says:

    I read the thread above suggesting replacing the R141 etc 0.22Ohm 1W resistor (as per factory) with 1 Ohm 0.5W one – is it necessary to change the specs of these to make the unit work? Or is it just out of convenience (availability)?

    • Dan says:

      I selected the 1 Ohm, 1/2W resistors as per the thread I linked here. It appears the different AVR models have different resistors.

      The resistors in my amplifier appeared to be 1/4W units, certainly nowhere near large enough to be 1W.

      I will say, after 2.5 years, my amplifier fires up every single day without fail using the above resistors.

  • EW says:


    I have a Denon AVR-1802 and it hasn’t worked in years. Since it doesn’t have HDMI inputs I’ve since replaced it with another Denon unit, however, I’d love to bring this back to life for my garage.

    I’m not sure my problem is the same, When the unit is plugged in it makes a clicking sound and the Red Standby lights up, and stays solid. However, the power button moves in and out, but it’s not engaging power. It’s been so long that I can’t recall if the power button is supposed to stay pushed in when On or not. Plugged in or not.

    I can’t tell if it maybe the switch itself or the power supply and I don’t have the knowledge to figure that out.

    Any ideas? And than you for your writeup, I only wish my problem was the same as yours.

  • David says:

    Thanks so much for documenting this. I experienced this issue after owning the amp for more than 15 years and was not happy with the thought of going out and buying a new one. After a couple of bucks and a couple of hours…good as new.

  • Richard says:

    Got my avr1801 back to life after the power off problem. Changed out 2 resisters and the 3 voltage regulators on the heat synk’s. Very rewarding. Never desoldered or soldered before. looked easy enough on youtube. Not pretty but it works!

  • alain PELLEGRINO says:


    I have the same problem but on AVR 1910.
    Do you have an idea ?


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