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Pinball: Meet the Machines

A very basic photo post: all sorts of photos of my dad’s pinball collection. Awesome 😀

Pinball: Left of Garage
Left of garage

Pinball: Right of Garage
Right of garage

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Friday, January 29th, 2010 pinball 2 Comments

Nostalgia: Windows 98

Last weekend I tried to install Windows 98 on the oldest laptop of mine. It didn’t work, it gave an error, “Insufficient system memory”. Funny, I had 2GB of RAM…

Windows 98 Setup


Computer Type

After all, it is a laptop. Why doesn’t Windows XP ask these questions? Maybe it just knows.

Web TV for Windows

I wonder if it’s any better than Justin TV?

Dial-up Server

Dial-up server!!!

Country Selection

Time Remaining

23 minutes remaining, no, I mean, 14 minutes, no, I mean, 3 hours 27 minutes!


I miss this… Sort of, not really. It’s so much nicer to have it all shut down on its own.

I’ve got a video of it trying, and failing, to boot, however, bad quality, and not all that important.

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Saturday, January 9th, 2010 computers, software 3 Comments

DIY Multimeter: Complete!

As mentioned in a previous posting, for Christmas, I received an Assemble-it-yourself Digital Multimeter Kit. Awesome. So, for the last week or two I’ve been building it, section at a time, till tonight, where I found myself in need of doing a calming activity. What is more calming then sitting down and soldering for 2 hours, while listening to Paramore’s discography using my DIY FM Transmitter to broadcast to my DIY AM/FM Radio?

Anyway… This is what it looks like, finished:

DMM: Mr Blurrycam

Sorry about the Mr. Blurrycam shot. Darn flash. I’ll have a clearer shot after the break, along with more details on the functions.

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Friday, January 8th, 2010 electronics, projects 3 Comments

Video Blog: Oscilloscope

Alright, my second video installment. Enjoy the consistent, awkward style of yours truly!

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 electronics, projects 5 Comments