Last Day of Summer Co-op

Today marks the end of my co-op at the David Florida Laboratories. The experience was nothing less than incredible. I was so fortunate to work alongside professionals with decades of experience in the RF qualification field, people who were so very helpful and willing to share their knowledge with me. It is going to be hard leaving this.

However, I’ve learnt so much about a field I knew so little of going in. I spent 2 hours one night reading some chapters marked in my professor’s RF textbook, and explored some Wikipedia pages – that was the extent of my training. Over the course of the summer, I was exposed to tools I will likely never personally own, and that will be hard to come by even in school: spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, high power RF amplifiers, e-field probes. It was incredible.

Here is a picture of me at my test station, in front of a 1kW amplifier, the probe monitor,  the signal generator and the test software. I’ve greyed out anything I’m not allowed to share:

Yeah, I know, it sucks. I wish I could, too.

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Ottawa Pinball Expo – 2011 (Video)

Here is my video of the first ever Ottawa Pinball Expo! We brought three machines to the show, and I am pleased to say I played every free-play machine there! It was great fun, and I can’t wait for next year!

Filmed, edited and soundtrack composed by myself.

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Pinball Party Timelapse

As it was my birthday Friday, I invited the Electronics Kids over for a night of pinball. I thought it would be cool to do a timelapse of the entire night, to see if there were any patterns in what machines people played and what areas people hung out in.

In the end, I discovered that it really depends on the people you have over. Last time the MAME cabinet was the main attraction, but this time it got almost no use. Hurricane remains the most popular machine (odd, it isn’t even in my top 3 favorites).

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Summer Co-op: Canadian Space Agency

Heritage College’s Electronics program offers two summer co-op terms, which are recognized on the diploma received at graduation.

Last summer, I was employed at the very same college, officially preparing equipment for next year’s classes, making an inventory of electronics components and materials, and making a database with search and checkout functionality to keep track of components. Unofficially, I also assisted the computer services guys, setting up computers for the Jeux du Quebec 2010, then quickly dismantling and putting them back in classrooms and offices.

This year, I’m working at the Canadian Space Agency.

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Old Band Video

I can’t believe it – has it really been almost 2 months since my last post?! I haven’t been documenting my projects in much detail recently, but I should have some new material soon! (Class project, new pinball machine and more!)

In the meanwhile, check out this video from my band days, finally published with 3 separate angles. Unfortunately, one of the cameras uses a codec my video editing software doesn’t like, so it is a bit jerky, but otherwise it is a great film!

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Font Gone Missing: Arial

The other day, while helping a friend set up his new computer, I came across a bizarre and irritating problem. I installed Google Chrome, and was on the internet, and noticed that everything was in italics. It was difficult on the eyes. I tried to change some settings in the Page Font menu in Chrome, but to no avail. I found other people had this problem, and after digging in the system’s Fonts folder, I found the issue.

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Christmas – New Tools!

I hope everyone reading this enjoyed their Christmas events, time off, and the company of friends and family.

This year, I actually made a list, much to the delight of my parents, so that they didn’t need to scramble and search for something they think I’d like (despite my assertions that gifts were not necessary.) In the end, my list was entirely composed of tools for electronics, and how happy was I to find on Christmas morning a plethora of utilitarian gifts!

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Domain name!

Well, I finally did it: this website has moved from BIGBLUE to a dedicated host, and along with that, it has its own domain name! Feels good to say it. I have signed up for 6 months, so we’ll see how it goes. If I like it, I’ll keep it here (the site is so much more responsive now).

Any comments or problems with the site? Let me know!

Edit: The link was updated to reflect the final, official address.

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I spent the last week (Aug 7-14) in Newfoundland, Canada. We stayed with non-biological family in Point May, on the Burin peninsula, for the first 5 days, then spent the last 3 days in St John’s, checking out places like Signal Hill, the harbour, Quidi Vidi Village, and doing the touristy thing, checking out all the shops on Water Street.

We were lucky to have excellent (and uncommon) sunny/cloudy weather, didn’t get much fog, and didn’t see any moose. This province has the best driving roads I’ve ever seen, long and winding, with excellently steep drops. The wide open space and relaxed environment also makes this one of the most peaceful places I’ve been.

Beach we went to the second day in Newfoundland, located between St Laurence and Lord’s Cove if I remember correctly.

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What have I been doing?

Well, last week I began my new summer job at the school I attend, Heritage College. I am an Electronics Technician, in a manner, in charge of preparing the electronics labs for next semesters students. I am setting up a computer systems class’ components, as well as a networking lab, and various other organization and preparation tasks. Cool!

It also means I have less time to work on certain projects and music, but it also means that my off-time will be better spent doing these things I enjoy. Today I went to Allan’s house, a former band mate, and we jammed all day, and his father, someone I would consider a seasoned musician, gave me motivation to get much more involved in my music again. As a result, I’ve got several new song ideas and projects I’m excited to work on. Expect new posts on that soon!

I also ordered and received a battery desulfator, which is designed to revive batteries that no longer hold a charge as a result of sulfation on the plates. I have many batteries I suspect of having this problem, and tonight I have just begun revival attempts. From what I understand, it can take several weeks to fully revive a battery, so I won’t know if it worked for another while, but naturally updates will follow!

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